I Survived 100 Days in Ancient Greece on Minecraft.. Here's What Happened..

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I Survived 100 Days in Ancient Greece on Minecraft.. Here's What Happened..
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I had to survive for 100 Days of Hardcore Minecraft in Ancient Greece and battle Poseidon, God of the Sea, and Cronos, the God of Time. Throughout the 100 Days, I encountered Zeus, Hades and Poseidon! Stay tuned to see what happens during the 100 Days!

All the models in this 100 Days video made incredibly by ArtsByKev, Muffins, JoWekker, TheLoungeMC!

Poseidon \u0026 Cronos amazingly created by @ArtsByKev
Animation made amazingly by: Fancimation

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    Download Summoners War and play for free today! Click Here to Play ➜ bit.ly/3uXRxQf I can't thank you all enough for your support. I put tons of time into this video and I hope you all enjoyed this one ^_^ Should I do 200 Days in Ancient Greece?!

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      Yesssssss lol

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      I dont want summoners war I want the mod download

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      Ur skin looks like nestors skin but other color



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  2. Dirty Ryze

    Dirty Ryze

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    Chronos (Khronos) - The God of Time Cronus (Kronos) - The Titan, Father of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon Lots of people get confused with them due to the similarity in names.

  3. Weirdo . _.

    Weirdo . _.

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  4. alhailthesqugit


    پیش 3 ساعت

    Kronos dad is not kaos it’s oronous

  5. Gaming BEYBLADE

    Gaming BEYBLADE

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  6. Gaming BEYBLADE

    Gaming BEYBLADE

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    Narouto:POV shadow clone JUSTSU!!! God of time:POV oh... I could do that

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  8. Patrick Su

    Patrick Su

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    Bruh Kronos is the Titan of time not god

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  10. Crazy Squirrel !gaming channel!

    Crazy Squirrel !gaming channel!

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    I'm from Greece and I have to say this video was sooo good

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    Kevin lookin’ kinda cute tho. Might make him my pet.

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    So good

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    anime to watch

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    what is the MODS

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    Fadilla Aqq

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    Hmm what happened if I accidentally ✌️😐✌️ drop my golden apple in there what could happen 8:28

  16. IndianKillerTDG


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    I never new u could find conduits in shipwreck

  17. Mr.Blessing


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    his house looks like a Freaking Gazebo😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

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    Omega Maniac

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    3:21 weee

  19. Story time with Akshay

    Story time with Akshay

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    fighting coronos i want that mod!

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    This was sooo cool

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  22. Ashbin ✅ ✅

    Ashbin ✅ ✅

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    I like this video to god!!!

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    Ps hades does not live in Tartarus and don’t spread fake news

  25. Shadow Paw

    Shadow Paw

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    The god of time is not a got he is a TITAN NOT GOD REMEMBER THAT!?!

  26. Bossman - brawl stars

    Bossman - brawl stars

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    Anyone know the name of this shader???

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    platinum blood

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  28. Amira Taylor

    Amira Taylor

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    When you were mining the mountain at the start on the right of the mountain there were cracks

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    My guy you never get lost

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    He makes Minecraft builds like story mode lol (if you don’t know there’s a story mode for a seperate game

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    Bro i m greek

  34. LinkviX


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    Very good storyline if ya ask me

  35. Thosn Father

    Thosn Father

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    cronos just popping ZA WARUDOO at the end

  36. Slicey Cakey ANY GAME

    Slicey Cakey ANY GAME

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    If chronos could stop time

  37. Mohammed procool

    Mohammed procool

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    28:16 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i laugh si hard when you fight against chronos you were like: oooh man shadow clone justu

  38. Mohammed procool

    Mohammed procool

    پیش 18 ساعت

    Your so creative

  39. SarsinShadowYT


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    1:07 this looks like the spire in Fortnite LOL (btw love this comment you like fortnite)

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    Cole Caldwell

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    Love the plot and narrative

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    Your content is cool keep it up

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    a rat nearly killed him A RAT

  43. Magnet


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    Why didn't he use the hades invisible cloak?

  44. Atharva Satyarthi

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    Your fighting skill are very good 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Mr Merpy

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    This is roleplay survival

  46. Lance Murielle Palaganas

    Lance Murielle Palaganas

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    poseidon sucks

  47. Heri Kitenza

    Heri Kitenza

    پیش 22 ساعت

    The funny thing is he didn’t use Hades helmet at all and he had so many reasons to use it

  48. Scratzee


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  49. Oluwatunbi Osinowo

    Oluwatunbi Osinowo

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    What is a gazebo for stop

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    Ricky T gaming

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  51. dogeVN


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    please make a video about 100 days living in twilight forest world pls

  52. Shuabby


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    This is interesting

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    Black Wolf

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    why weren't you using your axe to fight?

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    #bald idk the rest ;-;

  55. Ghostkian9 69

    Ghostkian9 69

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    Is it just me or like he as the same as forge lab like good mic while talking over the prerecorded but when he was actually playing it’s scrappy so idk if it’s a copy or just a thing everyone does lol

  56. Sherie Grunwald

    Sherie Grunwald

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    I like how he use pink stuff and most of the time he doesn't use pink stuff

  57. Fatima Quiñones

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  58. rowslingles


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    cerberus is a 3 HEADED dog not a 1 headed dog :/

  59. smol slime king

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  60. rowslingles


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    kronos isn a god hes a titan

  61. InstinctClapzU


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    3:34. An iron bucket? Are there wood, diamond, and gold buckets?

  62. Dragon Pl

    Dragon Pl

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    Level of editing video 999/1000

  63. Felix Medford

    Felix Medford

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    isn't Cronos a titan not a god?

  64. Agent 1569

    Agent 1569

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    The start of 100 days on a cloud

  65. aaron aguilar

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  66. Fizz GrandCross

    Fizz GrandCross

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    i think he went into creative mode to get the blocks

    • Dom Terreto

      Dom Terreto

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      Doesn’t he show him getting the blocks tho?

  67. SSunde e

    SSunde e

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    Cronos is not a god he is a titan

  68. Changeling6879


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    Apart from the HORRIBLE acting, this is a pretty cool video

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    This man has enchanting luck straight from the gods

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    Very good sponser ✅✅😎

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    Is that village old??

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    I love your videos so amazing I subscribe a very long time ago if you do sellouts will you please show me out

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    100 days as a hacker

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    I'm pretty sure you should have gotten 10m subs cause your just too cool so is painful :)

  77. Neeyama


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    Kronos was the titan of time and the original ruler of the world with the other titans before the gods were born

  78. Eugene LI

    Eugene LI

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    This is scripted at least part of it

    • Camaroni


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      It’s a mod

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    Him do you think I'll survive 100 days me well if u didn't this video ain't be here

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    Kronos is a titan and rules time not a god tho

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