Minecraft 3rd Life: Day 6 - The Nick of Time

Let's Play minecraft with only 3 lives before we are removed from the world! On day 6 of 3rd life, we come to an epic conclusion and alliances and enemies drop like flies around us!

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Third life is a minecraft SMP server with a bunch of friends where the goal is to stay alive. The only catch is that you only have three lives. Once your 3rd life is gone, you are removed from the server! Additionally, when you are on your 3rd life, you are allowed to hunt the other server members. The last person to survive without losing their 3rd life is the minecraft champion of the word!


  1. Sabine Aguirre

    Sabine Aguirre

    پیش 14 روز

    who agrees there need to be a season 2 with false!

  2. MoarOnions


    پیش 19 روز

    This is the greatest minecraft content. Please do more of this!

  3. spearow gaming

    spearow gaming

    پیش 22 روز

    23:09 did he just say a homophobic slur ?

  4. Nicholas IC

    Nicholas IC

    پیش 24 روز

    Good thumbnail

  5. rainbowlover4u


    پیش 25 روز

    Bdubs, were you aware that that was impulse's clock you killed him for?

  6. Robert Kamminga

    Robert Kamminga

    پیش 26 روز


  7. Robert Kamminga

    Robert Kamminga

    پیش 26 روز

    The boomers back in business destroying Rens base again sounds like a great idea.

  8. Sepia Smith

    Sepia Smith

    پیش ماه

    Impulse was REALLY suspicious it's so sad he was actually on Bdubs' side since Day One :((( he really was so suspicious though 😂 that is SO WONDERFULLY TRAGIC at the end there! Bdubs suddenly realized oh god it's down to the last 5 and he never had a lasting alliance with Grian and Scar, so he runs... and when Impulse came back to stick to his word as Day One crew...... Bdubs had been manipulated and he betrayed both impulse and himself :(

  9. mochi boy

    mochi boy

    پیش ماه

    holy moly he found the brewer in one try???

  10. TimeLordWereWolf


    پیش ماه

    I love how impulse's last words were "WAIT NO B-" and cut off dramatically at the moment of death

  11. LunaticTheBanana


    پیش ماه

    Bdubs: Listen man you have been my friend my entire life and I love you man, I would never betray y- Scar: I have a clock? Bdubs: I'm sorry old friend, he gave me a clock!

  12. Kalob Hunt

    Kalob Hunt

    پیش ماه

    Dude you couldn’t have nailed that tunnel any better.

  13. Kalob Hunt

    Kalob Hunt

    پیش ماه

    You didn’t even have her back. Just wrong lol.

  14. J Mabruk

    J Mabruk

    پیش ماه

    Best Intro Award goes to: BDOUBLEO100! I really wish in Season2 they all adapt his Intro. Its sooo great

  15. WaterlemonTheArtist


    پیش ماه

    “But in the end, the clock ticked on for eternity, unlike its owner who had run out of time, condemned to death for betraying those he trusted most.”

  16. Vilone Rivera

    Vilone Rivera

    پیش ماه

    Boy that was disappointing

  17. Brad Smith

    Brad Smith

    پیش ماه

    You are the worst you killed IMPULSESV

  18. AULIS A.O.T


    پیش ماه

    0:54 😔🪦 ⛪ ding* Dong*

  19. Rojomoon


    پیش ماه

    What if bdub’s attachment to clocks is due to his hatred of the night as seen in his sleeping habits on hermitcraft and in the early episodes of this series

  20. EnderFrostX


    پیش ماه

    Ren is a beaast. Scar: i will get to 2nd place and stamp on all your graves exept grian's

  21. Alan Miller

    Alan Miller

    پیش ماه

    Bdubs you are such a great youtuber. I know you probably won't see this, but I want you to know that you make such high-quality videos. Your an amazing builder, you are super hilarious, and most important you are really kind. Have a great day bdubs.

  22. A Stick

    A Stick

    پیش ماه

    Poor Impuse. He tried his best to be the best friend possible but ended up with everyone thinking that he would betray them XD

  23. Chris watchingponies

    Chris watchingponies

    پیش ماه

    Clock. That stupid clock. :') The paranoia was glorious tho.

  24. cleio81


    پیش ماه

    I have legit enjoyed watching this series! I hope you guys do more of these. They were so much furn to watch!

  25. Silas


    پیش ماه

    Dream would’ve been great for these series

  26. Milad Isaac

    Milad Isaac

    پیش ماه

    I think you dared Ron susek to right the Assyrian prophecy so thank you for that

  27. Milad Isaac

    Milad Isaac

    پیش ماه


  28. Indominous_Law


    پیش ماه

    Who remembers the SimCity series?

  29. jjblocks2000


    پیش ماه

    This is the best series I ever watched, when the final survivors just killed themselves off, I hope a season 2 will come

  30. Felix Weingardt

    Felix Weingardt

    پیش ماه

    Somehow that whole bdubs kills impuls scene gives me Order 66 vibes.

  31. Aura Ardino

    Aura Ardino

    پیش ماه


  32. Creamer 31

    Creamer 31

    پیش ماه

    When u thought marten would win

  33. Leah Nigus

    Leah Nigus

    پیش ماه

    man i really wanted to see the fight from bdubs ghost perspective 😂

  34. gagereynolds93


    پیش ماه

    Why would you kill him!!! But I guess you got a taste of your own medicine so gg

  35. loon noj

    loon noj

    پیش ماه

    i totally wanta whole series based on boomers.

  36. Kyle Hager

    Kyle Hager

    پیش ماه

    Gotta feel bad for impulse

  37. InfinitePossibilities


    پیش ماه

    The Impulse betrayal was very sad, one of the most heartbreaking moments, but I really also appreciate the Grian moment on his last episode, where Scar betrays him, then (SPOILER ALERT), The whole amazing really wholesome moment where Scar turns on Bdubs, and then Scar says Grian can kill him, then Grian refuses, and they have a fist-fight to the death to end the season, and before, Grian says to Scar that "whatever happens, I count this as a double win for both of us," then Grian kills him and wins. Basically the last maybe 15 minutes of Grian's last episode is just somehow heartbreaking, then wholesome, and a whole rollercoaster of emotions.

  38. variant


    پیش ماه

    I'm glad you kept your promise from the 2nd episode (I think?) to build Cleo a tombstone. I appreciate the memorial. RIP Cleo, she went out in a blaze of glory. ngl I am surrpised how far you made it! Well done, Bdubs! I enjoyed your whole series and wow did those kills at the end show you to be one deadly dude. Hope to see you on season 2 if there is one!

  39. Crazyloon 999

    Crazyloon 999

    پیش ماه

    I love how Impulse has now been making comments such as “don’t talk to me about clocks” and “I almost said I trust Bdubs”

  40. Solei


    پیش ماه

    That crastle SURVIVED despite a lot of people’s best efforts to blow it up. Kudos.

  41. Russell Mooney

    Russell Mooney

    پیش ماه

    Cleo: BDubs, we can't trust Tango and Impulse; they're going to betray us! BDubs: [betrays Impulse for a clock] Tsk tsk BDubs! Seriously though, thanks for an entertaining experience. If there's a second season of Third Life, I hope you'll come back. A lot of my favorite moments involved you and the Crastle.

  42. Itachi Brass

    Itachi Brass

    پیش ماه

    Asmr Bdubs is the best!

  43. Mubby Muz

    Mubby Muz

    پیش ماه

    What a great series thank you Bdouble0100 and your friends

  44. star girl

    star girl

    پیش ماه

    BETRAYAL!!! Turned on day 1 crew who decked you out and helped the people who killed you. I know it's all fun and games, but feels bad, man.

  45. hanyodossta


    پیش ماه


  46. The All-Knowing White Chicken

    The All-Knowing White Chicken

    پیش ماه

    I love how Scar and Grian never learnt that Pizza survived

  47. Floki


    پیش ماه

    Hey can everyone try to make a kingdom with 4 lives?

  48. Kevin Bruce

    Kevin Bruce

    پیش ماه

    Lol "I'm with you till the end"

  49. Ehppy !

    Ehppy !

    پیش ماه

    Thank you for such an awesome series!! Everyone was fantastic to watch in this. Every episode was simultaneously so funny and so full of drama. Loved every minute of it.

  50. Rogue Alchemist

    Rogue Alchemist

    پیش ماه

    9:04 Talk about serendipity! GG! ~Fade~

  51. DeadisBetter


    پیش ماه

    Such a good series

  52. _euphoriA_


    پیش ماه

    That moment where only Grian, Scar and Bdubs remained... It reminded me of the time you guys built the town hall on hermitcraft. I don't know what's gonna happen next, but wow, 3rd life is intense! I think everyone thought this was going to be a looooong series but it became anarchy along the way 😂 thanks 3rd life crew

  53. Dboogie 7

    Dboogie 7

    پیش ماه

    Bdubs been getting into the Buffalo Wild Wings commercials

  54. David foreverlife

    David foreverlife

    پیش ماه

    16:42 omg

  55. LyricCălin


    پیش ماه

    The Impulse betrayal was one of the most epic and heartbreaking things I’ve ever seen

  56. normal boi

    normal boi

    پیش ماه

    Dude when you showed us cleos grave in the beginning warmed our heart you two were the best duos by far

  57. Dedrick Kearns

    Dedrick Kearns

    پیش ماه

    Poor impulse :(

  58. Noob Sloob

    Noob Sloob

    پیش ماه

    I love how Bdubs has stuck with his anime eyes through season 7 and 3rd life!

  59. Perry W Moore

    Perry W Moore

    پیش ماه

    Any chance you can get Smajor1995 into Hermitcraft? I need him in your life

  60. Kris C

    Kris C

    پیش ماه

    I felt sooooo bad when I watched Impulse's video! He had no idea that everyone was so sus of him! Pooooor Impluse! "DAY 1 CREW!"

  61. MagicMoko


    پیش ماه

    Right after you were slain by Scar, an Ad came up with a Watch commercial with the tag line: Never give up! :D Coincidence?

  62. NerfProZP360 YT

    NerfProZP360 YT

    پیش ماه

    Guys, I have a Theory... According to IRface's Statistics, Everyone should Subscribe to BdoubleO100! Great Theory am I right?

  63. Aero


    پیش ماه

    Secret tunnel! Secret tunnel! Through the mountain. Secret secret secret secret secret secret tunnel'

  64. Chleavhein Kian

    Chleavhein Kian

    پیش ماه

    “You can’t cry over a videogame” The betrayal: Let me introduce myself

  65. pulloverboi


    پیش ماه

    9:10 xDDD

  66. no.1 fuzzwald fan

    no.1 fuzzwald fan

    پیش ماه

    i was so hoping you would win but i guess getting as far as you did was great too! thank you for such an entertaining series!!

  67. Joel Lim

    Joel Lim

    پیش ماه

    just imagine if bdubs slaughtered scar when he was in the coffin haha

  68. Legal drogen

    Legal drogen

    پیش ماه

    If bdubs and impulse Vs grian and scar would be. Amazing but bdubs betrayed his own friends for his enemies

  69. Cullen Latham

    Cullen Latham

    پیش ماه

    Bdubs: dies to bubble elevator trap Cleo: we are now allies with the red desert Bdubs: *confused noises* THEY KILLED ME!! *Cleo dies* Scar: Want this clock? Bdubs: ALLIES FOR LIFE! Day 1 crew? What is that? Man, what a quick 180. XD

  70. frumpyb


    پیش ماه

    Scar has good taste in watches, I have a speedmaster and have been very tempted by the navitimer, budgets though..

  71. CelestialHeir


    پیش ماه

    Never in a million years would I have guessed bdubs and scar would be in the final 3 😂 great job BDUBS! Those three kills were amazing

  72. Br3nt Tags

    Br3nt Tags

    پیش ماه

    Poor impules betrayed by bdubs

  73. wattersm


    پیش ماه

    @26:00 "I fart in your general direction!"

  74. Th3On3WhoKn0cks 1

    Th3On3WhoKn0cks 1

    پیش ماه

    I can't believe Bdubs betrayed Impulse for 4 pieces of gold and a piece of Redstone. Betrayed for a useless object on that server. And shame on Tango for throwing so much shade at Impulse when Tango was a bigger traitor than anyone

  75. DaMan Dem

    DaMan Dem

    پیش ماه

    I love how you guys kept thinking impulse was being sus!! I mean he did bring like 30 villagers to the crastle, hooked you guys all up with best gear and then killed the other team in front of yas. But that was funny. Especially Tango. Haha great video boss.

  76. Trippey Gaming

    Trippey Gaming

    پیش ماه

    Im unsubing for betraying impulse. That wasnt like "friend fight" that was just mean. I've lost all respect for bdubs.

  77. SlurpySobble


    پیش ماه

    This is the 1,000th comment!

  78. Jasmine Stairs

    Jasmine Stairs

    پیش ماه

    Bdubs, your clock turn was my favourite moment of the series. What a turn into violence. Fantastic.

  79. Noel Hann

    Noel Hann

    پیش ماه

    I think “I poisoned me!” Is one of my favorite lines in 3rd life

  80. Zane Wright

    Zane Wright

    پیش ماه

    “Are you a clock person, Bdubs?” That’s like such a serial killer thing to say

  81. Zane Wright

    Zane Wright

    پیش ماه

    Is it too much to ask for a cinematic intro for every hermitcraft video? These give me life

  82. RoboticsNShenanigans


    پیش ماه

    Impulse had it coming.

  83. storm lord117

    storm lord117

    پیش ماه

    hey Bdubs you should bring back fly boys. plz!

  84. hatman &MONSTER

    hatman &MONSTER

    پیش ماه

    "Crastle, this is Sky Force"

  85. Brandon McClain

    Brandon McClain

    پیش ماه

    34:06 the way he died lol "B-"

  86. Silver Pearl

    Silver Pearl

    پیش ماه

    Okay Bdubs, those last scenes where we could see all the spectators. That is one amazing feeling to see that everyone was still there. I really hoped everyone would show it in their videos how they were asking for blood later, but oh well. So thank you

  87. Silver Pearl

    Silver Pearl

    پیش ماه

    Impulse should've known to give you a clock first thing. He should have knownn

  88. Silver Pearl

    Silver Pearl

    پیش ماه

    Everyone's endings have been so poetic somehow LOVED THIS SERIES SO MUCH I CANNOT SAY HOW MUCH!

  89. Daniel Orman

    Daniel Orman

    پیش ماه

    I know they're completely different series with totally different goals, but I prefer this to Hermitcraft

  90. Captain


    پیش ماه

    Who would’ve thought the last 3 people would be Bdubs, Grian, and Scar

  91. Overtone


    پیش ماه

    Scar really should have died in the deset explosion episode

  92. A Random Account

    A Random Account

    پیش ماه

    bdubs really went cold hearted on this day lol

  93. Bekahoot


    پیش ماه

    The most Bdubs moment of this episode was when you started improving the walls of Dogwarts when you were occupying it! 😆 That said, I was a bit disappointed that there was never an assault on the Crastle, and you never got to use the TNT launcher.

  94. Shelly M

    Shelly M

    پیش ماه

    I really didnt think bdubs would betray impulse and kill him off so quickly like that. Im sad, i didnt even finish the rest.

  95. Brennan Blazer

    Brennan Blazer

    پیش ماه

    Who else thinks that him and Cleo were like like an old married couple

  96. daniel mcchesney

    daniel mcchesney

    پیش ماه

    "They gave me a clock" QUOTE OF THE SERIES

  97. Taolan8472


    پیش ماه

    Third Life has brought out such great theatrics, videocraft, and of course CHAOS among so many minetubers. I am so looking forward to season 2.

  98. [Username Deleted]

    [Username Deleted]

    پیش ماه

    [Comment Deleted]

  99. BLOCK smith

    BLOCK smith

    پیش ماه

    NOOOOOOOO! Bdubs!

  100. Tony Storm

    Tony Storm

    پیش ماه

    Let this be a perfect example for everyone, you can see how loyal and pure impulse intentions were from his videos, however after watching everyone else's pov, he seemed all over the place in terms of who he belong with. What we take away from this is, be clear about who's your ally, make them sure you're on of their friends, even if you're going to betray them, if you're not clear, no matter how loyal you are, you're a suspect.